A lifeline to help new parents connect with their baby

kelli mcclintock rwBVkoPNkhQ unsplash

Published September 03 2021

Family Foundations is a 10 session program that supports new parents to build stronger relationships with their baby and their partner, with a focus on engaging fathers in the process. 

The program has been funded for another three years and expanded with additional staff, providing new parents across Victoria with help to bond with their baby and each other.

Family Foundation's team leader, Samantha Bladon, says,

"Like many services, our delivery needed to adapt to the new COVID-norm and so we now deliver the program online. We can be a bit more flexible, and we can now offer the program beyond our traditional regions. This includes new parents who went into lockdown in coastal holidays houses, interstate migration to NSW and QLD, as well as a couple on international departures." 

With extended lockdowns, Family Foundations has become a lifeline for many new parents needing additional support that isn't so readily available with COVID restrictions. Many couples are spending more time in the home together and juggling working, their relationships and looking after little ones.

The program offers a time out from daily struggles, and offers a focus on connection, communication and relationships.