Videos and resources

Videos: in-home exercises 

These videos were created for residents of Supported Residential accommodation to support you while you social isolate during COVID-19.

We recommend residents be supervised for the first few sessions to help with setup and prompting.

The videos can be used by anyone in the community while at home but if you do, do so safely.

We recommend consulting with a qualified healthcare professional before taking part in online fitness programs or activities, to decide if it is right for your needs.

Videos: how to sew lettuce, carrots and peas

A four part video series by Diana taking you through how to sew lettuce, carrots and peas.

Video: how to make lavender bags

Diana demonstrates how to create dried lavender bags.

Videos: nutrition resources for professionals

We've developed a series of short videos on food and nutrition to help support you in your work with SRS residents. As part of this kit, we have gathered supporting resources from a range of organisations.

To download the videos and resources fill out the form below. Questions with the asterisks are required.

Video: COVID-19 response from the team

Click here to watch how the team responded to a casual worker testing positive to COVID-19.