Feedback kiosks


Published May 23 2019

As of Thursday May 23, you will notice feedback kiosks located in the reception of 3 of our Merri Health sites:

Vic Place (Coburg)
Bell St (Coburg)
Glenlyon Rd (Brunswick)

These kiosks allow you to provide feedback electronically before or after an appointment. Your feedback will be received in real-time so we can better respond to your requests and needs. There are posters provided next to the kiosks to prompt you on how to use them. Reception staff are also available to answer any questions you might have.

How does it work?

  • There are five questions available in our top 5 spoken languages; Greek, Italian, Turkish, Arabic and Urdu
  • Respond to these questions by using emojis
  • You can skip as many questions as you like
  • All answers are anonymous

Why are the kiosks being used?
We want to ensure that everyone using our services has access to providing feedback. We want to make this process as easy and seamless as possible so we can get to work on improving aspects of Merri you feel needs attention. 

Why are the kiosks only available in 3 locations?
As we are in the very early stages of implementing this form of feedback, we chose to trial the kiosks in our 3 most-used sites, based on the services provided there and the amount of people who go to these sites for appointments. We are hoping to extend this service to other sites in the future.

What happens if I don't feel the kiosks are right for me, but I still want to provide my feedback?
We understand that the kiosks won't be for everyone, which is why we also encourage you to:

  • Visit one of our sites and fill out a feedback form kept near reception, and place inside the feedback box
  • Provide verbal feedback to reception
  • Submit your feedback via our website by clicking here
  • Email
  • Or call our feedback line on (03) 9389 2234

In a few weeks we have a new function coming where you can leave your name and number at the end to receive a call back.