COVID-19: dental care and groups

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Published Jan 12 2021

Due to COVID-19, some Merri Health services are on hold until further notice.

This temporary measure has been put in place to ensure safety and wellbeing for all.


Our dental team is now seeing clients for non-urgent dental services, including examinations, routine fillings, extractions and denture care. Some procedures are currently on hold as they are not safe to do at this time. We are prioritising those who have had dental treatment postponed during the Stage 4 lockdown. Emergency dental care will continue.

If you have any questions about your treatment or care, get in touch with our team.

Mental health group activities

These groups are currently on hold until further notice. Intake is still open. Email:

Exercise groups

Our centre-based and leisure centre groups are on hold until further notice.

We are currently delivering one-on-one support for participants and are also working towards developing telehealth support, such as over-the-phone and video conferencing options where appropriate. 

Cardiac and respiratory support groups (HARP)

Centre-based groups are currently on hold until further notice, however we have started offering over-the-phone and online support.

Allied health and therapy services 

Instead of seeing you face-to-face for your appointment at our sites or in your home, your health professional will contact you via phone on the date of you appointment (or earlier) to talk with you about your health needs and how best to support you.

This change ensures we can continue to provide you with care without putting you and others at risk.

Aged social support groups

These groups are currently on hold. 

Participants are currently being supported over-the-phone and we are running groups via video conferencing. Participants also receive weekly care packs. Click here to read about how we're supporting our aged clients. 

If you have questions, call (03) 9386 3575.

Living Well, Ageing Well

Our Living Well, Ageing Well groups are currently running via telehealth. Telehealth is when health care and related processes like education, are delivered over-the-phone or using video conferencing.

Clients impacted by these temporary measures have been contacted. We are closely monitoring their health and wellbeing and where possible, other support systems have been put in place. 

If you are aged 50+ and experience anxiety and/or social isolation, get in touch with our Living Well, Ageing Well team. If you are 65+, get in touch with our Stepped Care program. Our teams will identify how we can best support you during this time. 

Our drop-in support is also available as over-the-phone support, Monday to Friday between 1pm and 3pm. Call 1300 637 744 to access. 

Merri Health continues to work closely with the Department of Health and Human Services, the Victorian health sector, the Commonwealth Department of Health and the Victorian Chief Health Officer, to respond appropriately to COVID-19. 

If you have any questions or concerns, call 1300 637 744 or email   

Over the coming weeks, we will be continuing to roll out our COVID-19 roadmap in line with the Victorian Government's COVID-Safe Summer Plan which will see more services and groups resuming.