Cultural site audit to create a welcoming space for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples

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Published Aug 23 2022

As part of our commitment to reconciliation, Merri Health ensures sites are culturally safe, appropriate and accessible for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Cultural site audits were conducted across 8 Merri Health metropolitan sites.

Analysis found; sites were rated a score out of 9 to determine if the site has a welcoming environment. The average score across all sites was 7.75/9 with 6 sites scoring 8 or above.

There were 9 categories overall in the audit. Merri Health scored 100% in two categories (Acknowledgement of Country plaque & areas beside reception displaying Aboriginal symbols of welcome, posters and Aboriginal artwork) and 87.5% in the remainder.

Cultural site audits are conducted bi-annually. View the Cultural Site Audit Report

Merri Health has a commitment to close the health gap through initiatives that promote respect, equity and recognition.

We are constantly striving to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health and want to ensure we continue to display this commitment at all levels of our practise.