Healthy schools

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Supporting Merri-bek schools to create happy and healthy environments.

What is it?

Merri Health develops collaborative partnerships with primary and secondary schools in Merri-bek to create a healthy, inclusive and safe school environment for students, staff and families.

We support schools to review their policies, environment, curriculum, engagement strategies, student-led projects, school culture and referral pathways to ensure they promote wellbeing and prevent poor health. 


Primary and secondary schools in Merri-bek.


Call the Youth Health Promotion Team on (03) 9355 9900.


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How do we help?

  • Help students, families and staff to identify, priorities and address health and wellbeing priorities
  • Support development and implementation of health and wellbeing action plans
  • Develop or review health and wellbeing policies and processes
  • Apply a health and wellbeing lens in assessing a school social and physical environment, culture and curriculum
  • Support student-led initiatives
  • Connect schools with appropriate referral pathways with other relevant community services
  • Evaluate programs and their impact on the health and wellbeing of the school community

Our work is evidence-based, and uses the internationally recognised Health Promoting Schools Framework.