These are formal committees of the Board and were established in accordance with Section 65S of the Health Services Act 1988.

Finance and risk audit committee

The purpose of the Financial, risk management and audit board committee is to support Merri Health and our Board, by providing assurance in the key areas of financial strategies, priorities and policies, financial performance (including viability and sustainability), the effective use of resources and assets, statutory accounts, internal control, legislative compliance and oversight of the activities of risk management, internal and external audit.

Community engagement sub-committee

The committee meet quarterly and report to the Board in February each year, on the committee’s planned program of activities and their review of previous years’ activities.

The committee:

  • Advise the Board on the options for increasing membership.
  • Provide advice to the Board on processes for community consultation and engagement.
  • Review and make recommendations to the Board on potential improvements on policies and processes, for reviewing client and community feedback.
  • Review and make recommendations to the Board targeting the content of the Board’s report and the community’s section of Merri Health’s Annual Report each year, outlining services provided, service use, areas where community needs for services cannot be met and barriers in meeting those needs.

Quality and clinical governance board sub-committee

The Clinical governance board committee’s role is to assist Merri Health and its Board by providing assurance in the key areas of clinical governance and continuous quality improvement. The group review, monitor and report on the following areas as they relate to clinical service provision:

  • Consumer participation
  • Clinical effectiveness
  • Effective workforce
  • Risk management
  • Clinical governance work plan

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