Get help with movement and getting around, injuries and/or pain conditions.

What is it?

Manage injuries and physical problems through home-based exercise programs or recommended water exercises, gentle gym classes and chair-based classes.

Who can use this service?

Anyone*. Priority will be given to people living in Moreland.

If you have an NDIS plan, you can include physiotherapy in your plan.

*Nursing home, hostel residents and those covered by a compensable claim like TAC/WorkCover, as they are not eligible for community health services. Clients with certain conditions, such as a recent stroke requiring rehabilitation may be referred to a more appropriate service.


There is a small fee for some of our services. Some of our services are free.

Check our fees here.

If you have an NDIS plan, you can include physiotherapy in your plan.

Do I need a referral?

No. You do not need a referral to access this service.


 We also provide a limited home visiting service for Moreland residents.

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Call 1300 637 744 (MERRI H).

More information

How can a physiotherapist help me?

We can help you to manage injuries and physical problems with:

1. Assessment and treatment

Assess your needs and provide treatment on a short-term basis. We can help you with problems such as back and neck pain, muscle strains, arthritis, incontinence, unsteadiness on your feet and other issues. We also assess people for gait aids such as walking frames.

2. Groups and individual exercises

Assess your needs and recommend a home exercise program or a group program that may include water or land-based exercises.

3. Health education and promotion

Provide education and exercise programs that promote healthy behaviours and reduce the risk of injury or disease, such as the Falls and Balance program which helps to improve balance and reduce the risk of falling.

What should I expect on my first visit?

In your initial session with the physiotherapist, you can expect:

  • An assessment of your condition
  • Development of a treatment or prevention plan that will take into account your goals, lifestyle, activities and general health
  • Advice on your condition and best recommended management strategies
  • Prescription of appropriate exercises

What do I wear to my physiotherapy appointment?

Wear suitable, loose-fitting clothing to your appointment. You may also be asked to expose affected body parts as part of assessment and treatment but if you are uncomfortable doing so, let your physiotherapist know.

I think that my family member would benefit from this service. Can I call Service Access on their behalf?

Yes, you can contact our service access team on behalf of your family member to discuss their referral.

Where can I get more information about this service?

Call 1300 637 744 (MERRI H) for information about eligibility and advice on which service can support you with your needs.

This service is funded by the Victorian Government

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