Supporting male carers

Published Jun 12 2018

Merri Health's carer support service acknowledge and celebrate male carers as we put a lens on key health issues faced by men and boys, for Men's Health Week.

Male carers are invited to a barbeque at the Uniting Kildonan Garden Centre on Wednesday, 14 June, to connect with others and learn about the supports that are available to them.

More males die at every stage of the life course, take their own lives and suffer from lifestyle-related health conditions than females at the same age.

Key concerns facing males are exacerbated for male carers - who make up a third of carers in Australia  - due to the unique challenges that carers face.

According to Carers Australia, carers experience some of the lowest wellbeing in Australia resulting from financial hardship, isolation and higher levels of stress and depression.

Having a close social circle can have a positive impact on a person's mental health and overall wellbeing. 

CarerLinks North offer support for male carers to identify and address their health concerns.

They are currently exploring the opportunity to establish a male support group, allowing them to meet and share with other carers and learn from their experiences.

For more information, contact CarerLinks North peer support program on (03) 9495 2500 or email