Supporting better sleep for older adults

sleep well group program

Published Apr 15 2024

Poor sleep can lead to an increased risk of falls, hospital admissions, and residential care placements for older adults. Hospital sleep services can have long wait lists and are not always accessible for our community members. 

To help overcome these barriers, we piloted a Sleep Well Program in 2023 which has led to life changing results for participants including: 

  • 100% showed improvements in daytime sleepiness 
  • 100% experienced reduced anxiety levels 
  • 100% improved their mood levels
  • 100% were able to do more activities 
  • 100% showed improvement in daily functioning related to sleep
  • 80% increased their sleep by average of 1 hour

Developed and run by our occupational therapists, the program aims to improve participants' sleep health and quality of life and empower clients to retain their independence. It is run over 8 weekly sessions.