South Morang and Filipino carers connect for dementia care session

Dementia and Communication event2

Published March 18 2024

On February 28th, sixteen carers gathered in South Morang for a Communication and Dementia: Information and Tips for Carers session.

Carer Services’ Community Engagement Advisor, Sandra Leone, facilitated the presentation, addressing attendees from both the South Morang Carers Support Group and the Bayanihan Filipino Community Carers Group.

In the session, Sandra discussed the reasons behind changes in verbal, behavioural, and emotional communication in individuals living with dementia. She offered practical tips and techniques for caregivers to better support their loved ones facing dementia-related communication challenges.

Feedback at the end of the session was positive, with one caregiver expressing a newfound understanding of her husband's behaviour, previously attributed to moodiness.

Erika Ciccone, Convenor for the South Morang Carers Support Group, thanked Merri Health and encouraged new caregivers to join; “It’s marvellous the support we get from Merri Health, and I always encourage new carers to join up. “

This session not only provided valuable insights into dementia communication but also gave an opportunity for both carer groups to meet and discuss their shared experiences.