Ready, Set, Prep! Improving school readiness for children and families in Fawkner.


Published March 06 2020

Educational videos and materials are set to be released across Fawkner in an effort to support families transition to their first year of school.

The materials simplify the educational journey for local families, including how to navigate early years, health and education systems in Australia.

An initiative of Merri Health’s Ready, Set, Prep! program, the materials will allow the program to share information beyond local partners and kindergartens, to support more families to be school ready.

Health promotion officer Natasha Rose said the program’s efforts were proving a success.

“When we started in 2017, the number of Fawkner children starting school developmentally vulnerable in one or more areas was significantly higher than it is today.”

Recent statistics from the Australian Early Development Census found 36.6 per cent of children were starting school developmentally vulnerable in 2015. This percentage dropped to 25.5 per cent in 2018.

Educational materials are set to be released in the coming months.

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Funded by the William Buckland Foundation, Schools and early years services.