Supporting LGBTIQA+ pride and health at Victoria's premier Midsumma festival

Merry Health Stall52

Published January 25 2023

We were so excited to join 5000+ community members at Victoria's premier arts and culture festival to celebrate with people who identify as LGBTQIA+ and allies. 

Midsumma Carnival was an iconic outdoor event to celebrate inclusion and diversity and marked the beginning of a 3-week Midsumma Festival.

On Sunday 22 January, people from all ages had access to 130+ different stalls for a day filled with fun, arts and music. 

We were thrilled to be there to talk about the services we have available for the LGBTIQA+ community and initiatives we lead to support rainbow health.  

The bold double Merri Health and Carer Gateway stalls were a hit with community members who chatted with our friendly staff members to learn more about our safe and inclusive services.

Attendees were also able to receive rainbow umbrellas, pride bucket hats, frisbees + much more! 

Merry Health Stall35

Merri Health is a proud rainbow-accredited organisation that welcomes the LGBTIQA+ community to access our inclusive services. 

We believe in creating a safe space for them as people that identify as LGBTIQA+ generally experience poorer mental and physical health and are less likely to access support or services due to fear of discrimination.

If you were at the festival and met our lovely staff members, please send us a picture or tag us on social media to show off your new rainbow umbrella or bucket hat! 

Midsumma Festival will be ongoing from the 21st January to 12th February. Click here to find out what programs and activities are happening near you!