Partnering with Little Dreamers to bring in-person support to young carers

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Published Mar 07 2022

Carer Gateway worked in collaboration with Little Dreamers for the Young Carer In-Person Peer Support (IPPS) Pilot.

The purpose of this program is to provide a safe space for young carers to connect with each other and learn about different caring roles and responsibilities

The sessions include ice breakers and games and activities to provoke discussions on health and wellbeing, identity and caring roles.

The core objectives of the pilot were:

  • To increase Carer Gateway registrations
  • To establish one or more Young Carer IPPS groups
  • To trial and fine-tune processes involved in the implementation of Young Carer IPPS delivered by Little Dreamers.

The pilot was successful in achieving the three objectives. As a result of direct outreach, 11 new young carers have been referred to Carer Gateway.

A total of 22 young carers have been referred to Little Dreamers for support. Two young carer in-person support groups were established during the pilot period for a total of 10 young carers.

The Young Carer Peer Support program has now been rolled out state-wide and is available to all young carers across Victoria. To access Little Dreamers/Carer Gateway Peer support, register for the Carer Gateway by calling 1800 422 737.