Merri Health supports over 280 residents in supported living to get vaccinated

Thumbs up for the vaccine

Published July 18 2021

Merri Health has supported over 280 residents in supported living to get vaccinated. To help increase vaccine knowledge and reduce vaccine hesitancy within supported living, Merri Health's High-Risk Accommodation Response Team (HRAR) listened to barriers that residents and proprietors may face when wanting to get vaccinated.

Following this, the HRAR team delivered the following:

  • Informative vaccine Q&A sessions
  • Pre and post-vaccine support
  • Taxi vouchers for residents to get to vaccine centre
  • Partnering with vaccinators to bring in-reach mobile vaccination clinics to supported living settings

“Merri Health did a fantastic job in helping our residents to receive the vaccination.” Peter, Residential Manager

“It was no problem getting the vaccine, it was very easy.” Resident

The HRAR team also developed relationships with proprietors through understanding challenges they may face with dealing with the pandemic. PPE such as masks and sanitizers were constantly supplied to ensure our community stays safe.

“Being able to support our vulnerable residents at all stages of getting vaccinated is key to making sure our community stays safe. Supporting them throughout the vaccination journey from preparation, the vaccination process, and post-vaccination support is the vital role we play at Merri Health.” Narisa Schepis, HRAR COVID-19 Response

Vaccinators included DPV Health, IPC Health, Aspen Medical Clinic, Northland Medical Centre, La Trobe Uni Medical Centre, Healthcare Australia, Sunshine Hospital, Exhibition Centre,  St Vincent's Hospital, Australia Defence Force and Sonic Health Plus. 

High-Risk Accommodation Response (HRAR)
The vaccination support is part of Merri Health’s ongoing High-Risk Accommodation Response (HRAR) work – a State Government initiative to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 in public housing and other high-risk accommodation with shared facilities.