Dementia and vision-impaired work at our Glenroy site!

toilet seat change

Published Apr 26 2024

Part of the Merri Health's work in overseeing a successful refurbishment is to engage with relevant stakeholders as they are the experts in their field. What we did at our Glenroy site is work with the teams on an appropriate colour palette that are more dementia and vision-impaired friendly.

Through talking with the teams at our Glenroy site we learnt that dementia clients have difficulty with navigating depth, and this can prove problematic in bathrooms. A solution to this is a different colour toilet seat to that of the actual toilet, with blue being the most popular of colour. 

 We used this as an opportunity to change the seats at both the sites that operate Social Support Programs, and the staff at Glenroy and Moreland Road have been very appreciative of this small but useful change.