Merri leaders at Parliament to put Community Health First

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Published Feb 24 2023

Merri Health proudly joined 23 other community health leaders, MPs, Dr Norman Swan and consumers at Parliament House yesterday to recognise the vital importance of our services in keeping Victorians healthy and our health system working well.

Across Victoria, all community health organisations have united to highlight the significant value and contribution of community health to support Victoria’s healthcare system.

Merri Health Acting CEO, Maryanne Tadic said at the event "I'm pleased all the community health services have come together with a shared vision of how important community health is to our healthcare sector, and to the people of Victoria.”

Community health supports more Victorians in their healthcare journey through flexible, place-based services that respond to the needs of many diverse communities.

Dr Norman Swan praised the collaboration and critical care provided by community health services, “Healthcare is a team sport and nowhere is this better exemplified than in the community health sector in this state ... listen to what they're saying about health reform.” 

Merri Health Board Chair, Julie McCormack, Team Leader Monique Kennedy and consumer representative and carer Anthea shared their experiences with others at the event.

Carer Anthea said, “Merri Health has supported me with my three children who are Autistic; they've arranged events and courses and it helps me stay part of the community."

The event celebrated the 50th year of Community Health in Victoria and highlighted the importance of increased Government funding to continue delivering critical world-class healthcare to the community.

It also provided an opportunity to hear from Greens Party MP Sarah Mansfield, consumers and representatives for the Health Minister Mary- Anne Thomas.

Merri Health and other community health organisations have shared capabilities and we can deliver scalable solutions to help the critical challenges our health system is facing.

Find out more information: Community Health First