Merri Health partners with The Orange Door to support people experiencing family violence

Published May 20 2022

Merri Health is proudly partnering with The Orange Door to increase support for families experiencing family violence in the Hume Moreland area.

The Orange Door is an intake, referral and information service for people who are experiencing or have experienced family violence, and families who need extra support with caring for children.

The family violence service has opened a new Orange Door site co-located with Merri Health at 21 Victoria Street, Coburg. 

The Orange Door links clients and workers with the right supports depending on each person's situation. If you are living in Moreland, you may be referred directly to our Integrated Family Services team.

This partnership allows child wellbeing to be the central intake point, as we know that family violence and child wellbeing are linked with one another. Having the focus on child wellbeing ensures children are supported in the family violence space.

Any parents experiencing family violence and looking for child wellbeing support can also be assisted. The goal of The Orange Door is to streamline the process for people experiencing family violence to gain support by creating a direct linkage to consult.

To make a booking, call The Orange Door intake on 1800 271 151

Learn more about our Integrated Family Services by calling 1800 271 151