Merri Health shines in health survey

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Published April 03 2024

Patient-centred care is at the heart of what we do! We’re proud to share results from the 2023 Victorian Health Engagement Survey.

Conducted on behalf of the Victorian Department of Health, the state-wide independent research provides valuable data on people’s experiences with community health centres. 

Merri Health outperformed the state average in more than 76% of questions!  Thank you to the 182 clients who took part. 

182 clients participated in the VHES survey with a response rate of 11%. We use the results to gain a better understanding of our client views and where we can improve.

The 2024 VHES survey runs later this month. 

2023 survey highlights included:

  • 92% felt that staff based their care on what was important to them, 3.7% higher than the Victorian average
  • 94.1% felt they were treated with respect and dignity, 0.1% higher than average
  • 97.7% felt safe while visiting or being visited by us, 1.5% higher than average
  • 86% felt they were listened to and understood by staff, 2.7% higher average
  • 86.2% were involved as much as they wanted to be in making decisions about their care, 6.8% higher than average
  • 76% said we arranged support if they needed help communicating or understanding English, 7.6% higher than average

The results also highlighted two key areas for improvement:

1. awareness of feedback options and 2. appointment availability for some aged care services, a trend throughout Victoria.

In response Merri Health are continuing to assess client appointments on individual needs, looking at ways to reduce wait times and appointing a new Project Coordinator in this area. We have also installed new signs to ensure our community knows how to give us feedback. 

VHES Survey 2024

The Victorian Department of Health will once again run a VHES survey in April 2024 encouraging clients to share their experience with Merri Health and other community health services during January and February this year.

Merri Health clients were contacted last month, informed of the survey and invited to participate. Participation is voluntary. Encourage your clients to participate if possible!

Once again this year, children will be represented in the survey with a dedicated section of questions intended to capture the "Voice of the child" in those aged under sixteen. To ensure valid consent is obtained, the survey is provided to a parent or guardian to complete with the child or on their behalf. 

Below is a list of services that were the focus for the survey and were in scope:

  1. Aged care services (excluding residential care)
  2. Allied health and diabetes education 
  3. Community health nurses
  4. Complex care and chronic disease care
  5. Counselling
  6. Dental services
  8. Paediatric, early intervention and child health services