Merri Health raise $1190 through Phone for Homes initiative

Phone for homes

Published July 14 2021

Merri Health has raised $1190 to help people move out of social housing by donating 169 unused phones to the Phones for Homes initiative. The initiative run by Head Start Homes and Mobile Monster rehomes old phones and tablets to raise money for those that need a secure home, or recycles them to reduce landfill.

The money raised will help Head Start Homes provide financial empowerment services that open doors for families living in social housing to buy their own home.

“As our first corporate donor for our Phones for Homes initiative, Merri Health is shining a spotlight on how easy it is to turn old phones and tablets into improved housing opportunities for our clients while helping the environment at the same time.” Stephen Woodlands, Head Start Homes Founder and Managing Director

Hansha Gengaradoo, Merri Health Facilities Officer, coordinated the donation to Phone for Homes.

"Merri Health is proud to support those in our community who need a safe and stable home. Through donating old and unused phones to the Phones for Homes initiative, we have made a difference in helping our community and the environment." Hansha Gengaradoo

Head Start Homes supports single mums, First Nations Peoples, and other families living in community housing buy their own home, without the need for a deposit, via their Head Start Guarantee and empowerment services. This helps free up social housing to some of the approx. 100,000 homeless or 194,000 households on the social housing waitlists in Australia.

Stephen saw first-hand the difficulties in buying a home when his mother wanted to move out of social housing.

"Although she raised three children on her own, had a good job, and could have afforded a home loan, she just couldn’t overcome the savings hurdle of having to save enough money for a deposit." Stephen said.

Out of the 169 donated, 101 were recycled, and 68 phones were rehomed with a total value of $1100. Mobile Monster also added $90 to the value of the phones.

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