How are we tracking with our 72 Reconciliation Action Plan commitments?

Copy of RAP

Published Dec 09 2022

We launched our ambitious new Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan in April this year to help close the health gap with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

It builds on our reconciliation achievements so far and recognises the work we still need to do to see meaningful change.

Overall, we have met 87% of our RAP targets. 

Completed actions include:

  • delivered Be Upstanding! Racism training to seven teachers and 200+ students at Brunswick Secondary College to help students learn how to call out racism
  • launched Acknowledgement of Country initiative to include Aboriginal Country names across all Merri Health mail and collateral
  • cultural awareness training delivered by Girrawayi Ganyi Consultants to 48 staff to ensure culturally safe service delivery
  • developed dedicated Merri Health cultural awareness online training for all staff
  • implemented RAP communications plan reaching 23,000+ people on our social media, website, newsletters and intranet

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Image: Merri Health’s Tassia Michaleas and Maryanne Tadic, Wurundjeri Elder Aunty Di Kerr, Victorian MP Sheena Watt and Simone Thomson artist launched RAP.