Hello, Fawkner! (HF) building social cohesion, connection and respect for diversity in Fawkner

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Published August 23 2022

As the population of Fawkner has changed, social, economic and environmental challenges have occurred. Research found some community members were feeling disadvantaged, isolated and discriminated against.

To respond to these challenges HF was set up to build community leadership and capacity of local residents to develop, implement and share initiatives that strengthen their community.

The project outlined four key initiatives including a leadership program, grants for community-led celebrations and online and print community news.

Check out the key findings from the project here

Research evaluation of the program found:

  • Following their participation, 86% of participants in The Great Idea Program felt they had the skills they needed to take on a project in their community
  • 75% of participant in The Harmony Day Party Program said they learned about new cultures and traditions
  • Over 80% of readers said the e-newsletter and/or newspaper had increased their feelings of connection to the Fawkner community
  • Over 80% of readers said the e-newsletter and/or newspaper increased their knowledge/understanding of the diverse cultures of people who live in Fawkner

Between 2018 and 2022, across all four programs (as well associated community engagement activities), HF has had the following reach in the Fawkner community:

  • 482 participants
  • A direct reach of 16,550
  • An indirect reach of 14,815
  • 160 community-led events supported
  • Over $90,000 provided directly to community

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 “I learned that having a friend from different country and different culture  gave you a chance to learn new things in your life” – Fawkner resident

“As an immigrant in Australia, I’ve gained confidence and improved my writing skills in English a lot. I always loved to write and dreamed to write to a newspaper and The Fawkner Times was a wonderful opportunity for me!  I also gained a strong sense of community through the e-newsletter, I’ve connected with my neighbours who read my articles and I’m now much more involved in my community” – Fawkner resident