Happy high-rise residents vaccinated in their building

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Published October 13 2021

Residents at a high-rise in Brunswick have been vaccinated against COVID-19. A unique partnership between Merri Health, DPV Health, and MOSS (Merri Outreach Support Services) brought education and vaccinations to the doorsteps.

We caught up with two residents who were very happy to be vaccinated just downstairs from where they live. Click here to watch.

"Thank you all for what you've done, without you all we wouldn't have got the vaccine." High-rise resident

On 10 August, Merri Health’s High-risk Accomodation Response (HRAR) team delivered a vaccine Q&A session to help increase vaccine knowledge and reduce vaccine hesitancy. Residents were also able to grab a free coffee and treats while discussing the COVID-19 vaccine. Residents were given Merri Health packs to help with the recent Melbourne lockdowns with goodies such as a word search, pen, heat pack, playing cards, and much more.

On 17 August, residents were provided with on-site COVID-19 vaccinations and a celebration that recognised them doing their bit in keeping our community safe. The residents enjoyed coffee and a treat again, followed by free freshly made pizza put on by Merri Health’s HRAR team.