First Nations carers receive vital first aid training

Wandarra Group receives vital first aid training

Published September 26 2023

In July, Merri Health partnered with paramedics from Ambulance Victoria to host a ‘Call, Push, Shock’ session and demonstration for the Wandarra group at the Lynda Blundell Community Centre.

Wandarra, an important Aboriginal community organisation in Broadmeadows, is also home to remarkable First Nations carers who hold a vital role in the community.

The ‘Call, Push Shock’ initiative is a potential life-saver that equips community members with the training to respond effectively to out-of-hospital cardiac arrests. The process involves dialling Triple Zero (000), administering chest compressions, and utilising an AED (defibrillator) to buy crucial time until paramedics arrive.

Wandarra members were invited to participate in the essential first aid training, which encompassed recognising signs of cardiac arrest, performing CPR, and effectively using an AED machine.

Sharon, a Wandarra member, shared her thoughts on the session: "It was a really practical and easy-to-understand session from Ambulance Victoria, and we would love to have them again!"

Merri Health has proudly supported the Wandarra group for over a decade and looks forward to organising more exciting events in the future.