Fawkner residents offered share of $10,000

Published January 29 2019

Fawkner residents will be offered a share of $10,000 to bring a project to life, as part of a new community leadership program.

The Great Idea program is for Fawkner residents who are passionate about making Fawkner a great place to live. The program includes two training sessions to support locals in project development, and provide them with the skills and tools needed to put their plan into action.

Health promotion officer at Merri Health, Kathryn Kelly said the program will support locals make positive and sustainable changes in their unique and diverse suburb.

“The Great Idea program was established to support locals who want to bring their ideas to life and make Fawkner an even better place to live for everyone.

“We’re excited to build social connections, cohesion and respect for diversity in Fawkner,” Kathryn said.

Guidance and support will be provided by Merri Health for 12 months after the training.

Fawkner-based community members, residents and informal groups are invited to apply.

Application close on Friday, 15 February at 5pm.

Find out more

Visit https://goo.gl/kP2g3d 

Email hellofawkner@merrihealth.org.au