COVID-19 Fawkner: mobile test sites

COVID Fawkner web tile mobile update2

Published June 30 2020

Updated Jul 6 2020: mobile test sites across Fawkner are now closed.

Mobile test sites are now available across Fawkner. 

Check our Facebook page for the most updated details. 

Look for the Ambulance Victoria and SES mobile tents. 

Mobile test sites are able to test children of all ages. They also have self-test kits which you can pick up, and drop off completed self-test kits. This only applies to the mobile sites. 

At-home test

There are two options:

  1. Door knockers will be visiting households across Fawkner. If you are unwell or cannot go to the drive-through site, they will take down your details and a nurse will return in the coming days to do the test at home. Children can also be tested.
  2. If you're not home when door knockers come, two self-testing kits will be left at your front door, in a safe and visible location. Instructions on how to use it and how to have it picked up is included with the kit. This kit can only be used by people 16 years and over.