Celebrating International Women's Day and inclusive sports

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Published March 05 2024

It was fantastic to join 150 community members and 7 local sports clubs in Fawkner on Sunday 3 March to celebrate the participation of women, girls and gender diverse people in sport.

On IWD and everyday Merri Health is committed to promoting gender equity, challenging inequality, calling out bias, questioning stereotypes and helping to forge an inclusive world.

The family-fun and inclusive special International Women's Day event saw people from all ages and cultural backgrounds come together to champion gender equity and increase participation in sport. 

Families loved the activities led by the local sports clubs and it gave them a safe space to learn more about the programs and how to sign up. 

We also had the chance to hear from special guests including Change our Game Ambassador Molina Asthana and her experiences in sport. 

Community members also received a Gender Equity Award for their participation and contribution to local Fawkner Sports Clubs.

The benefits of participating in sports are well documented, however participation of women, girls and gender-diverse people remains much lower than men. Barriers can include fear of being judged, unwelcoming environments, lack of confidence, along with cultural unfamiliarity. 

Merri Health is working with Merri-bek City Council to help clubs and leisure centres become more inclusive, safe and welcoming through a new free local initiative Healthy Sports Clubs; and with community members and leaders to encourage participation – with great feedback and results.

Find out how your sports club or recreational facility can get involved in Healthy Sports Clubs.

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