Carers mingle with the king of rock 'n' roll

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Published May 25 2022

This month Merri Health participated in the annual Carers Victoria Mingle celebrating 30 years of their involvement within the community. 

There was an exciting live performance from the king of rock 'n' roll "Elvis." Tribute artist Damian Mullin put on his blue suede shoes and gave the over 100 carers in attendance a wonderful experience. Besides Elvis, carers also enjoyed a delicious morning tea and lunch hosted at Novotel Preston.

The underlying theme surrounding the event is the importance of social connectedness to improve mental and physical wellbeing. Many carers that were present at the event had developed relationships with one another (some over the years) and some new, mainly through peer support group connections. The key message for carers was not to remain alone in social isolation around their caring journey and have some fun along the way!

Alongside Merri Health and Carers Victoria, other organisations involved in the event included FriendLine, EstiaHealth, Australian Multicultural Community Services and a local Neighbourhood House.

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