Carers connect with nature at Organ Pipes National Park

Organ pipes

Published January 16 2024

Merri Health Carer Services & OutDoors Inc. partnered to deliver the ‘Create & Connect through Nature’ program.

In late November, a group of carers from Melbourne’s Western suburbs came together to "Create and Connect through Nature" - a day program aimed to emerge carers in nature whilst building connections with others.

The group headed to Organ Pipes National Park in Keilor North to begin the first component of the day; the Wilderness Studio. Facilitated by OutDoors Inc. staff, the group situated themselves at picnic tables within the National Park and spent time creating watercolour artworks, using the park surroundings as inspiration. Carers devoted the hour to practising mindfulness and creating stunning watercolour paintings.

After a delicious lunch, the group embarked on a walk to explore Organ Pipes National Park, absorbing the sights and sounds of their surroundings while delving into the history of the rock formations. The highlight of the excursion was the Organ Pipes, a rock formation which resembles the interior of a pipe organ instrument.

At the conclusion of the day, carers were left feeling refreshed and satisfied with their outdoors experience.

“A lovely relaxing day. Just what I needed,” shared one carer. “I felt supported throughout the program. Highly appreciated.”