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Published Jun 27 2022

Carer inspired to get back to art!

Thuc, lives in Melbourne's west, registered with Carer Gateway in March 2022.

Thuc, has been in her caring role for more than 13 years, has a Bachelor of Fine Art and a Diploma in Graphic Art. Before moving to Australia in 1995, Thuc worked in animation at Morgan and has since designed two logos for Institute for Youth Educational and Community for VUT and Vietnamese Families Special Needs (VFSN). Thuc also painted the piano for the VFSN activity “play me, I’m yours."

After this, Thuc married and had children. Her time was now focused on her children rather than her art.

As Thuc registered with Carer Gateway, she could use the free Merri Health coaching service for carers. Thuc has worked with Merri Health carer coach Brenda to focus on goal setting, future planning and the actions that need to be taken to achieve her goals

Thuc used the carer coaching to reach her personal goals with art and get her life back, now that she has the capacity and her children are older. Alongside wanting to work on her own art pieces, Thuc wanted to be a part of the art community by joining various art hubs to meet other like-minded artists.

Thuc is well on her way to reaching her goals. Thuc's spectacular artwork can be seen below. While the coaching reigniting her artistry, Thuc has expressed the feeling of starting her life again. She is also enjoying her day-to-day life more. The ultimate goal for Thuc is to have her own art exhibit one day!

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