Are you struggling with your self-care during lockdown?

alisa anton u z0X yrJIE unsplash

Published October 10 2021

It’s common for people to put their careers and families ahead of themselves; it's especially hard when working from home. It’s important to maintain a work-life balance and look after yourself!
Sometimes it’s hard to separate work life from “me time” when you’re doing both in the same environment. The trick is to make self-care a priority rather than just doing it in your spare time.

Here are some tips for selfcare while working from home:

  • Complete a daily task every day eg. making your bed
  • Have a long, luxurious bath – bring out the bath bombs!
  • Write down three goals/manifestations or journal every day
  • Set boundaries - make sure you have a dedicated workspace in your home, and only work from there
  • Create a routine - ensure you take breaks and have a clock out time to avoid burning out
  • Go for a daily walk either before, during or after work (or all three!)
  • Set a hobby, like learning to knit or learning a language, even watching your favourite series on Netflix. Choose something you love
  • Meditate - there are plenty of free apps you can use to help you learn. Try Insight Timer or Smiling Mind
  • Painting, arts and crafts
  • Organise your workspace
  • Daily skincare routine
  • Eat healthy and properly, sometimes when working from home we tend to push through and skip the lunch break. Have something substantial and nutritious

And lastly, if none of these tips fancy you, book an hour out of your schedule for ‘me time’ and do whatever you want!