Carers: Challenges of the holiday season



December 16 2020
10am - 11:30pm

For carers, the December/January holiday season can bring with it unique challenges. While the media focus is on ‘good cheer’ - families coming together; multitudes of festive traditions, New Year’s resolutions- carers may find themselves feeling a ‘million miles away’.
Kate Whelen and Jacqueline Taylor from the MCS Carer Counselling Team invite you to take part in a 90 minute webinar to explore carers’ experiences of the fast approaching holiday season.

Some of the 'hidden' things we are hearing from carers:

  • “I don’t feel like celebrating”
  • “Holidays mean I have less practical support than usual and my social groups are closed”
  • “Why do I feel so sad?”
  • “How am I going to fit everything in?”
  • “Friends and family don’t really understand”
  • “Holidays? What holidays?”
  • Reflections on 2020, the new ‘COVID normal’ and thoughts of the future

The group will be made up of 12-15 carers who can join in the discussion, or just listen. This will be a safe space where the counsellors will provide an introduction to the topic and share thoughts on managing and caring for yourselves at this time of the year.
Time permitting there we will hear from carers and open up the discussion.

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