Code of conduct

Our staff must:

  • Provide safe and ethical healthcare
  • Obtain consent for treatment
  • Take care to protect you from infection
  • Minimise harm and act appropriately if something goes wrong
  • Report concerns about other practitioners
  • Keep appropriate records and comply with privacy laws
  • Be covered by insurance
  • Display information about this Code of Conduct and making a complaint

Our staff must not:

  • Mislead you about their services or qualifications
  • Put you at risk due to their own physical or mental health problems
  • Practice under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Make false claims about curing serious illness such as cancer
  • Exploit you financially
  • Have an inappropriate relationship with you
  • Discourage you from seeking other health care or refuse to cooperate with other practitioners if you do

Download a copy of the Code of Conduct for General Health Services.