1975 – 1980

The Brunswick Community Health Centre was established on 21 May 1975. The service was officially opened on 7 August 1975.

The Brunswick Community Health Service Society was registered with the Hospital and Charities Commission on 27 January 1976. The total State and Commonwealth government grants for the year ending 30 June 1977 were $8,492

By the end of the 1978 financial year,the Brunswick Community Health Centre’s income had risen to $174,932 and the number of client contacts was over 3,500 for the year.

During the 1979 financial year, the Incorporation status was granted. The first Incorporated Committee of Management was elected and the first Occupational Health Advisory Board was appointed.

By the end of 1980, the range of services being offered included physiotherapy, optometry, chiropody, arthritis group, amputees group, teenage slimming group, tax advice and business English. This was in addition to the Primary Medical Centre.