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Services and supports for carers in north and west metro Melbourne

What is it?

Merri Health works in partnership with carers and offers a range of supports, services and activities to strengthen your wellbeing and the wellbeing of the person you are caring for. 

Who can use this service?

Carers living in Melbourne, Moreland, Darebin, Banyule, Yarra, Nillumbik, Hume, Whittlesea, Moonee Valley, Brimbank, Hobsons Bay, Maribyrnong and Wyndham.

You are a carer if you are looking after someone with disability, a medical condition, mental illness or who is frail due to age. Carers can be parents, partners, spouses, young people and children, other family members, friends or neighbours.

Any carer can use the service at any time in their caring journey.

What services, supports and activities do we provide?

  • Assessment and Planning: Our Assessment and Planning Officers provide short-term support for carers to navigate, coordinate and access the right services. We work with you to develop supports which are tailored to your needs.
  • Carer Coaching: Our trained Carer Coaches work one-on-one with carers to explore, identify and action the steps they can take to create change in their lives. Carer Coaching increases carers’ sense of empowerment and resilience in their caring role; improves their wellbeing and self-care; and increases their ability to identify areas of need, set goals and achieve change. Carer Coaching appointments are available by phone, online, or in person at our office.
  • Health and wellbeing coaching: Our health coaches work with carers so you are as healthy and well as possible. We can work with you on nutrition, physical activity, stress/mood, fatigue, sleep and management of chronic disease.
  • Carer counselling: Carer counselling provides a safe and supportive space for carers to share their thoughts and feelings when they need support the most. You can choose to meet with a counsellor in person, or speak with them over the phone.
  • Peer support: In-person peer support groups provide an opportunity to meet other carers in similar roles and circumstances. With the support of a facilitator, peer- support groups explore common issues and concerns for carers and share ideas for managing challenges.
  • Respite and emergency respite: Respite is a short period of rest or break. It allows carers to take a break to focus on their own wellbeing. Respite can be for a few hours, days or for longer periods, depending on the carer’s needs and eligibility. Respite may be planned or an urgent need.
  • Dementia Carer Consultant: The Merri Health Dementia Carer Consultants, provide dementia information, education and support to build carer skills and confidence. The Consultants work with Carers to develop strategies to support and help with behaviour changes; plan for the future and link Carers into other dementia services.  Group sessions are also available.
  • Young carer support: We assist school-aged carers who may be caring for a parent, sibling, other relative or a friend. We support young carers to manage their caring responsibilities and assist with daily tasks, helping them to stay in school and connected with other young carers and the community. We provide educational and emotional support. Our team also offer a variety of programs, events and activities
  • Support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families: We are respectful of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people’s history and beliefs. We provide culturally appropriate and inclusive support and work in partnership with carers and community to get the supports they need.
  • Activities, events, workshops and carer engagement: Connect with other carers, socialise and share your experience and learn practical information to support you in your caring role.


Most carer services are free.


Various sites and locations, depending on the type of service and your place of residence.

Do I need a referral?

No, you do not need a referral. Call our team to register.

Where can I find out more?

More information about carer support is available by visiting the Carer Gateway website.


Call Carer Gateway on 1800 422 737, Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm local time or request a call back here.

Already registered?

If you are currently receiving services and supports through Merri Health’s Carer Services Program or have specific questions about Victoria’s Support for Carers Program, you can contact us on 03 9495 2555.

Merri Health acknowledges the support of the Victorian Government for the Support for Carers Program.