The importance of respite care!


Published Dec 19 2023

Caring for a loved one can be immensely rewarding, but it's essential for carers to take breaks to maintain their own well-being – especially during busy periods such as the holiday season!

What is respite:
Respite involves someone else temporarily taking over the care responsibilities for the person you look after, giving you the opportunity to take a break. This break is not just a pause in caregiving duties, it provides carers with precious time to engage in everyday activities, relax, manage stress, and focus on self-care.

How to access respite:
Contact Carer Gateway to find out about respite care options available in your area. Call 1800 422 737 Monday to Friday, between 8am and 5pm. Or visit

Emergency respite care:
If you become sick or injured and can’t continue to care for your loved one, our Carer Gateway team can organise emergency respite services to take over care while you recover.

Call 1800 422 737 for assistance getting emergency respite care at short notice.

IMPORTANT ADVICE: Creating an emergency care plan in advance will help ensure a smooth transition if someone else needs to step in quickly, due to unforeseen circumstances.

In the demanding role of caregiving, respite care can be a lifeline - offering caregivers the chance to recharge, relax, and prioritise their own well-being. By understanding what respite care entails and being aware of available resources, carers can navigate the challenges with greater resilience, ensuring they can continue providing compassionate care to their loved ones.