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Published Sep 30 2023

Are you interested in helping to make a difference?

The voices of those with lived experience is important to the success of our Carer Gateway services. That’s why we take care to include the experiences of people living with health conditions – and their carers – when we’re developing and improving our healthcare programs.

One of the ways we do this is by establishing advisory groups to help shape the Carer Gateway program.

Merri Health Carer Gateway currently have two carer advisory groups, and we’d love to get you involved. They are:

  1. The General Age Carer Advisory Group (CAG): for carers aged 26 and older
  2. The Young Carer Advisory Group (YCAG): for carers aged 15-25 years.

Both groups meet every five weeks for up to two hours, and participants are paid for their time.

At the meetings we talk about current and suggested Carer Gateway projects, documents and services. We’re especially interested in hearing how you – the carers – think they can be improved.

Some examples of projects the CAG and YCAG have contributed to in this way are:

  • What types of merchandise Merri Health Carer Gateway gives out at community events
  • How welcome letters sent to new carers are written and worded
  • How to make respite events for carers welcoming and safe.

Creating art and giving feedback
Over the last 18 months, the CAG and YCAG have been invited to take part in projects outside of Merri Health Carer Gateway. These projects have involved other organisations that support carers and the broader healthcare system.

For example, some of the YCAG crew joined the Headspace Visible project and developed artwork which highlighted the role of young carers (see page 11). Members of the CAG and YCAG also provided their thoughts on the Carer Leave Inquiry that was given to the Australian Government to support policy change.

Training opportunities
As part of the Merri Health Carer Gateway Carer Advisory Group, members are able to attend skills training sessions. The most recent training day took place at the stunning Lancemore in Macedon Ranges. Members learned about advocacy and how to influence change.

"The time spent with your team at carer gateway has helped me to have confidence to do new things again." – CAG member

Merri Health Carer Gateway is looking for new advisory group members. This process will start in the next few months and carers registered with Carer Gateway can apply. All voices are welcome, even if you’ve never done anything like this before! If you have any questions, please email