Bold Carer Gateway campaign opens a new door for carers


Published Feb 21 2022

Merri Health is excited to announce that our powerful new Carer Gateway campaign,Your Gateway to Support, launches Monday 21 February

The campaign encourages Victoria’s 700,000+ unpaid carers to get the support they need via the federal Government’s Carer Gateway service.

Developed with carers and featuring carers, the campaign reaches out through TV, radio, digital marketing, public-relations and outdoor signage, and will also be promoted widely on social media.

Tassia Michaleas, CEO of Merri Health, the lead Carer Gateway agency in Victoria, said the campaign will address the issue of Victoria’s unpaid carers not accessing the assistance they need.

“Many thousands of Victorian carers are not receiving any supports,” Ms Michaleas said. “Being a carer all-too-often brings increased stress, detrimental physical- and mental-health effects and financial hardship.” 

“It is vital that carers and their families get all the assistance possible and for that reason we have designed this awareness campaign that urges Victoria’s carers to “don’t wait until you break” before seeking help."

“The campaign is designed to let Victoria’s army of unpaid carers know that help is available at no cost via Carer Gateway. All they need to do is make a free phone call or visit the website.”

The “Your Gateway to Support” campaign features a gateway that carers step through to find the support they need. It was designed to grab carers’ attention, make them aware of the service and illustrate how Carer Gateway can enhance their lives.

A campaign webpage is now live, with the web address providing carers with an easy to remember path to follow to receive support. It will direct carers straight to the Request a Call Back page to help streamline the process of contacting Carer Gateway.

We hope you can all join us in promoting this exciting campaign so we can connect with the carers who need our support.

Contact Merri Health Carer Gateway Marketing and Communications for more information

Carer Gateway services are delivered across Victoria by Merri Health, Alfred Health, Ballarat Health Services, Barwon Health, Bendigo Health Care Group, FamilyCare, and Uniting (Victoria and Tasmania) Ltd.