Meet the designers

Our designers

Mary Lin 

Mary Lin web2

Mary Lin is the creative genius behind our Safe Spaces tram design, badges (coming soon!) and t-shirts!

Mary is a graphic designer, illustrator, letterer, casual baker, and pun generator. As a lover of clever designs with a lot of heart, Mary is passionate about creating meaningful work especially for those who are making the world a better place. She previously designed the Be Merri festival campaign and has loved working on a number of projects with Merri Health.

Mary is currently a designer at Colette Werden and you can find her being merry on Instagram at @mary_m_lin.

Johanna Villani

Joh Headshot web2

Johanna is the Melbourne-based designer behind our bright and fun Safe Spaces calendar, stickers and poster that share an important message.

She brought her own creative flair and experience to the campaign and is currently working away on some other brilliant Safe Spaces items we'll release in 2020 so stay tuned!

"The design for the Safe Space campaign was inspired by nature and natural organic shapes. I feel most safe around nature, in places surrounded by natural beauty. These places make me feel grounded and at one with myself and the earth. I believe that we should all have the right to feel safe and have places to go to that bring inner peace and serenity. As a first generation Australian and lesbian woman I have worked hard over the years to put myself in safe places, and surround myself with people that support me and share the same diverse values.

"Everyone should feel safe and supported," said Johanna.