How to create a safe space: fun stuff

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I'm part of a school, group or organisation.

To create a safe space, visuals are key!

What do people see when they enter your space, building or other? Do you have messages or visuals like the rainbow flag to show it's a safe and inclusive space for LGBTIQA+ identifying people? 

If not, or if you'd like to update any that you already have on display: 

In early 2020 we'll also release static stickers that you can pick up at our site. Static stickers can be moved around if needed and are perfect to place on your car or building window, and they don't leave residue!

These visual items are just the beginning. We encourage you to have a look at our educational resources to see how you can dive a little deeper to create a safe space. 

It's just me!

To show you're an ally: 

  • Download and display a Safe Spaces sticker and pop it on your laptop, iPad, diary or other. In early 2020 we'll also release static stickers that you can pick up at our site and place on your car window!
  • Download and display a Safe Spaces calendar in your home to show those who visit that you are committed to providing a safe space
  • Download a Safe Spaces tile and share it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other and share what it means to you 
  • Use the #RainbowHealthMatters hashtag
  • Wear an ally badge – pick one up at the Merri Health Midsumma stall in Jan 2020  
  • Don't assume someone's pronoun: ask and share your pronoun. If the person you've asked doesn't understand, ask them how you can refer to them  he/him/his, she/her/hers, they/them/theirs