Asthma education clinic

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Who is eligible?

Anyone that has:

  • Been newly diagnosed with asthma
  • An established diagnosis of asthma
  • Has episodes of wheezing and a family history of asthma and/or atopies
  • Is regularly prescribed respiratory puffers by their GP
  • Experiences shortness of breath during thunderstorms, high pollen count and/or bush fires

Who is ineligible? 

Anyone that:

  • Is an asylum seeker there is a dedicated service available through the Cardinia Asylum Seeker Centre at Sydney Road, Coburg
  • Had had an unplanned hospital presentation in the last 12 months and/or has nstable diabetes. They will need to be referred to the Cardiac and Respiratory Support service


Anyone that is under 16 years must be accompanied by an adult or carer.

Appointments are centre-based only. Anyone that lives in a nursing home (high level care) can attend with a carer.