Respite ICNW4

Respite for children and young people with a disability, and their family.

What is it?

Respite for children and young people with a disability, and their family, to support your wellbeing.

Known as Interchange North West, we provide fun, community-based activities for children and families to connect.

We also help with respite, to give you time to attend to other things.

Who can use this service?

Anyone that has a child or young adult with a disability and lives in the North West metropolitan area of Melbourne.


Yes, there is a fee. The cost varies and depends on the nature of the activity and program guidelines.

Call the team for more information.

Do I need a referral?

No. you can access this service without a referral.


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Make a booking

  • Call 1300 637 744 (MERRI H)

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What is respite?

Respite is time-out where you can attend to other matters, other family members and have time for you. It can help lower stress of caring and support you to look after your health and wellbeing.

What can you help me with?

Recreation program

  • Fun, community-based activities for children and young people with a disability. Activities are run in a group setting where group members share similar interests, hobbies and are of a similar age

Volunteer host program

  • Trained volunteers are matched with a child and visit your home regularly to provide one-on-one respite. This gives you some time to attend to other things.

I would love my child to be involved in some recreations activities but I’m not able to drive them there. Is there transport available?

No. Transport is not available for the recreational programs. Families and/or carers are responsible for transporting participants to and from the sites in Glenroy and Pascoe Vale.

What sort of activities can children and young people do as part of the recreation program?

The types of activities depend on the care plan and specific goals of each participant. Participants are allocated to a specific program based on a variety of criteria which may include, but are not limited to, age group, interests/goals, specific needs etc. The programs are centre or community based. Intake staff provide specific information about programs at the initial contact stage and/or upon referral/assessment.

Can I come along to the activities with my child?

We would advise against this as the aim of the program is to provide much needed respite opportunities for parents.

Is the site wheelchair accessible?

Yes, the site is wheelchair accessible.

This service is funded by the Victorian Government.

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