Workplace gender equality

Gender equity

Creating an equal, safe and inclusive workplace and community.

What is it?

Gender inequality is the key driver of violence against women.

Workplaces are an important place for addressing the underlying attitudes, behaviours and systems that foster inequity, and we’re leading by example.

Family violence and gender equity at Merri Health

Merri Health views family violence as a serious health issue. We are committed to preventing, refining and strengthening existing service responses for people experiencing family violence.  Our key achievements in the prevention of family violence and gender equity efforts include the Gender Equity Citation, Rainbow Tick Accreditation, development of a Family Violence Policy and staff training, an organisational wide Family Violence Strategy, responses to various consultation and commissions and a targeted approach to community education and awareness raising.  This has been supported by frontline services providing direct counselling and support to individuals experiencing the effects of family violence.


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Family Violence and Gender Equity Strategy 2020-2022

Merri Health has a whole of agency approach towards gender equity and the elimination of family violence for the creation of a better future.  Our Family Violence and Gender Equity Strategy sets out how we use our resources to make positive changes both within the organisation and within the community.

Our strategic goal:
To create a better future for our community that is free of violence and is gender equitable, safe and respectful

The four strategic areas for action are:

  1. Workplace commitment, leadership and culture
  2. Community education and awareness raising
  3. Workforce and organisational practice
  4. Service innovation and response

For a summary of our Family Violence and Gender Equity Strategy, click here.