The Community Grocer Fawkner

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Low cost, weekly fresh fruit and vegetable market.

No longer a Merri Health initiative.

What is it?

Community market in Fawkner that provides access to fresh, cheap and seasonal fruit and vegetables every Wednesday.


All fruit and vegetables are low cost. 


79 Jukes Road, Fawkner - outside the Fawkner Leisure Centre.


Every Wednesday, 8.00am-12.00pm


Contact the Community Grocer on their website.

More information

What goes on at The Community Grocer?

In 2018 Merri Health and The Community Grocer made a joint decision to transition the market management to The Community Grocer. Following a successful transition in late 2018, The Community Grocer continues to support Fawkner residents and customers more broadly in Moreland with fresh, high quality fruits and vegetables at affordable prices.

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