Ready, Set, Prep

Ready set prep2

Preparing Fawkner families for their child's first year at school.

What is it?

Support to prepare pre-school aged children and their family, so that they are school ready for their first year of primary school. 

To engage children and families, we work with community members, primary schools and early years' providers.


It's free. 


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More information

Ready, Set, Prep is a four-year collaborative project between local Fawkner schools and early years' providers, maternal and child health and other early years' services, as well as Merri Health. 

Ready, Set, Prep:

  • engages families in early years' education
  • improves transition processes between schools and early years' services
  • provides a complete transition experience to families
  • improves referral pathways for families that might have concerns about their child’s development or other issues related to school readiness. 

The project also shares important messages to the Fawkner community about school or kinder enrollment, play-based learning, maternal and child health checks, and other issues related to starting school.

The project has been made possible with funding from the William Buckland Foundation and funding by the Victorian Government.
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