Ready, Set, Prep

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Preparing Fawkner families for their child's first year at school.

What is it?

A Family Engagement Officer will help with education sessions and resources for parents and carers of pre-school aged children, to help get their child ready for their first year at primary school.


It's free. 


  • Fawkner


  • Call our Youth Health Promotion Team on (03) 9355 9900 or 0417 241 620
  • Email
  • Visit us on Mondays at Moomba Park Primary School, Tuesdays at St Matthew’s Primary School and Wednesdays at St Mark’s Primary School

More information

Ready, Set, Prep is a four-year collaborative project between Fawkner, Moomba Park, St Mark’s and St Matthew’s primary schools and Merri Health.

How can we help?

We know that the transition from kindergarten, childcare or home to your child’s first year of
school can be hard. We’re here to support you. Our Family Engagement Officer supports preschool children and their families that live in Fawkner, with information, resources, advice and referrals to help you get school-ready.

Why do we work with families?

It’s important for you to be involved in your child’s education as you can support them with what they’re learning. This will help set them up for success.

What if I'm thinking of sending my child to another Fawkner school?

If you’re considering Fawkner Primary School or Darul Ulum, get in touch with us.

What can a Family Engagement Officer help me with?

  • Advice on early learning and how to choose a Primary School
  • Support with enrolment and attending transition activities
  • Information about playgroups and other local social/learning activities
  • Support and referrals for family concerns around child wellbeing, developmental delay or disability, and services like maternal and child health, dental, health, psychology and counselling, financial advice/support, housing services, migrant and refugee support, food relief and more
  • Work with your child’s kindergarten, early learning centre or family day care to get you ready for school and the transition
  • Work closely with your future primary school
  • Provide resources and advice to support you at home.
The project has been made possible with funding from the William Buckland Foundation.
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