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Supporting community-led projects in Fawkner.

What is it?

Hello Fawkner! is a three year project (finishing up in mid-2021) that builds community cohesion, connection and respect for diversity in Fawkner.

Hello, Fawkner! includes a community leadership program for residents, a community newspaper and e-newsletter all about Fawkner, and a ‘small grants’ program to support community Harmony Day events.


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More information

Read about:

- The Great Idea Program
- Harmony Day Party Program
- E-newsletter
- The Fawkner Times community newspaper

The 'Great Idea' Program – applications closed

About The Great Idea Program.

Do you have an idea for a community project that will make Fawkner an even better place to live? Between October 2020 and April 2021 Hello, Fawkner! is running a program for people like you! Your project might support your fellow residents during COVID-19, or be something you've wanted to do for a long time.

If successful, you will be supported to:

  • Further develop your idea and create a project plan  
  • Develop a budget (you will receive some funding to support your project)
  • Put your idea into action

Who is eligible?

  • All Fawkner residents are invited to apply. You might be one person, a pair, or a group of Fawkner residents
  • All members of the Fawkner community are encouraged to apply, including people from diverse cultural backgrounds

Before you apply.

Before applying, you need to:

  1. Have a project in mind that you think will make Fawkner an even better place to live. Projects might just be an idea at this stage, or they might have already begun. (Note: Although it is not a requirement for you to contact us prior to submitting your application, we are happy to help you - please just give us a call/email.)
  2. Be willing to attend online meetings/sessions between October 2020 and April 2021 (dates/times/frequency of meetings will be determined based on the availability and capacity of successful individuals/teams). 
  3. Be willing to work with diverse members of the Fawkner community, including those from a range of cultural backgrounds.

Applications close 5pm on Friday 11 September 2020.

Apply online here.

The Hello, Fawkner! team is more than happy to support you with your application. To request help or find out more information please email hellofawkner@merrihealth.org.au or call 1300 637 744. 

Note: Participants who have previously participated are not eligible to re-apply. Those who applied last year but were unsuccessful are encouraged to re-apply.

Download poster

The Harmony Day Program – applications now closed

Hello, Fawkner! is offering $100 to Fawkner residents who want to throw a Harmony Day party anytime during the month of March.

You might hold a BBQ at your home, a pot-luck/one-dish party for your street, a picnic in the park, or something else. The aim is to celebrate cultural diversity in Fawkner, to make new friends and to meet new people.

Events can be public (e.g. a party open to the whole community) or private (for your friends, family, street, community group, school community etc).

Download poster.

The Fawkner Times E-newsletter

This e-newsletter is a monthly publication, full of stories, events and goings-on in Fawkner.

Community members can sign up for the e-newsletter anytime, and are encouraged to contact us to submit photos, illustrations, artwork, short articles, recipes and more.

The Fawkner Times (newspaper)

This community newspaper is designed as a forum to tell the stories of Fawkner and profile the people who make the Fawkner community so great. 

The third and final edition of the newspaper was distributed directly to 3000 Fawkner residents in August 2020, and can also be viewed below.

Community members are encouraged to contact us if they are interested to take over the production of the newspaper.

Current edition

Vol. 3, August 2020


Previous editions

Vol. 2, November 2019

Vol. 1, May 2019


You can receive regular updates from Hello, Fawkner! by following the Merri Health Facebook page.

Funded by the Australian Government Department of Social Services and the Victorian Government Department of Health and Human Services.

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