Elder Abuse Prevention Network: north and west metropolitan regions

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Working together to stop elder abuse.

What is it?

The Elder Abuse Prevention Network aims to stop elder abuse through education, resources and campaigns. Merri Health leads the Network for both the northern and western metropolitan regions. 

There are 10 Elder Abuse Prevention Networks in Victoria. 


Activities are conducted by member organisations across the northern and western suburbs of Melbourne. 


Julie Watson, Project Coordinator – Elder Abuse Prevention 

Call 1300 637 744
Email info@merrihealth.org.au 

More information

Northern Metropolitan Elder Abuse Prevention Toolkit 

The toolkit supports workers to identify signs of abuse and tools to respond. 

Download the toolkit here.

Download print-ready tools

Western Metropolitan Elder Abuse Prevention Toolkit 

Coming soon.

About the Elder Abuse Prevention Network

How did it come about?

The Elder Abuse Prevention Networks are in response to recommendations from the Royal Commission into Family Violence. The Victorian Government is funding the establishment of 10 elder abuse networks to collaborate at a community level and focus on the prevention of elder abuse.

How are we working to make change? 

The northern and western metropolitan region Networks:

  • strengthen a network of community and professional representatives motivated to prevent elder abuse in their local community
  • explore the causes of elder abuse and work on targeted and inclusive activities to challenge and change social attitudes 
  • conduct activities with the broader community including older people, to raise awareness and provide information of where to get help 
  • build the capacity of service providers to understand elder abuse and conduct primary prevention activities.

Elder abuse resources

Seniors Rights Victoria

Information, support and referral pathways. 

Preventing Elder Abuse: A literature review for the SMPCP Elder Abuse Prevention Network

Rapid literature review on primary prevention of elder abuse. Offers emerging conclusions and recommendations for action

National Plan to Respond to Abuse of Older Australians (Elder Abuse) 2019 - 2023

Overview of issues that governments need to act on as a priority, and early agreed actions, developed by state and territory government agencies.

With respect to age — 2009: Victorian Government practice guidelines for health services and community agencies for the prevention of elder abuse

Practical guide principally for workers in health agencies and community services that support older people. 

Elder Abuse Community Action Plan for Victoria - February 2018

Action plan for people and organisations who have a demonstrated commitment to preventing and combating elder abuse. 

Understanding Elder Abuse: A scoping study

Review of published literature on elder abuse with specific focus on intergenerational elder abuse.

Elder Abuse discussion paper

Based on FMC Mediation and Counselling's experience of providing front line response services to older people affected by elder abuse over the last three years. 

Bystanders in primary prevention programs: Advice for Elder Abuse Prevention Networks

Summary of recent literature on the role of bystanders in family violence primary prevention, and the framing of messages about elder abuse to assist members of Elder Abuse Prevention Networks to design and plan activities.

Smart and Savvy

A guide produced by the Commonwealth Bank for over 50's to help protect against financial elder abuse.